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Any fishermen, (or those maybe just interested), who would like to be included on an e-mail group list, for direct notification of latest information, are encouraged to  contact me  so your name can be added. SFCC members only please. Thank you.

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Posted - 13th January 18.15 hrs......

Subject - Fishing Latest 2018

Ok, so this page is being updated, as quickly as information becomes available. But there is a way to go yet.
Please all try to get to Presentation on Saturday 20th January 2018.

2018 Trophy Presentation

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Posted - 9th October 23:50hrs......

Subject - Plaice Competition Results

After two cancellations the Plaice Competition finally went ahead. Due to the weather the Comp was only fished on Sunday 8th Oct. And what a lovely day it was, with a light breeze, blue skies, and plenty of fish caught.

The winner with a Plaice of 2lb 2.8oz was Steve Cowell. Steve caught this fish using a cocktail of baits in Budleigh Bay. Runner up went to Carolyn Whiting with a Plaice of 1lb 15oz. Both were fishing from my boat “Our Molly”. Good Skipper!! 3rd place went to John Astill with a fish of 1lb 10.8oz, closely followed by the Accumulator Competition Series winner Steve Marks. Both were fishing from John’s boat “Js Pleasure”.
The next three places were separated by just 1 ounce. I had a Plaice of 1lb 7.6oz, followed by Pete Harris 1lb 7.2oz, fishing from his own boat “Lazy Fisher”, and finally Russell Thompson's token gesture of 1lb 6.4oz, caught on "Louisa". Bill Searles, "Louisa", did catch a few Plaice as well, but it was a pretty quiet day for Captain Bill.

Russ, Bill, and Carolyn, also caught 4 Small-Eyed Rays between them, (5-7 lb, weighed on board, and all returned for another day). You soon know when you have one of these hooked up. Returning Skate is a good idea, as not too many fishermen are ever willing to prepare a Skate for eating a second time.

Some other species were reeled aboard as well, including Ballan Wrasse, Gurnards, Dab, Dogfish, Mackerel, and even a Squid on "Our Molly" too.

Overall, it was an excellent days fishing to finish the season on. WELL DONE EVERYONE.

Mike - Fishing Secretary.

Posted - 24th January 13:0hrs......

Subject - 2017 SFCC Record Fish List

As of 1st January Club Record Fish List can be viewed / downloaded / printed, by clicking here

Please note this list also shows records caught since year 2000, and you won't see this in the Blue Book.

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Posted - 24th January 12:30hrs......

Subject - 2017 Minimum Retention Sizes

2017 Angling Trust's Minimum Retention Sizes can be viewed / downloaded / printed, by clicking here

Please note this list is just the Angling Trust recommended sizes. Fisheries legislation may be slightly different.

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Posted - 21st January 14:30hrs......

Subject - 2017 Angling Trust South Devon Specimen Weights

2017 Angling Trust's country wide specimen list can be viewed / downloaded / printed, by clicking here

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Posted - 21st January 13:30 hrs......

Subject - Recreational Bass Fishing for 2017

Please click this link for Angling Trust's official line on what the 2017 regulations will be.
For recreational fishermen the rule remains exactly the same as 2016. That is, 'Catch and Release' only from January - June, and 1 Bass per angler per day, from July to December. Minimum size 42cms.

2017 Recreational Bass Regulations

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Posted - 21st January 13:30hrs......

Subject - 2016 Fishing Trophy Winners

Please find image here.

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Posted - 21st January 2017 13:30hrs......

Subject - 2017 Fishing Latest

With the new season approaching, Fishing Latest webpage has been stripped back, and is now awaiting for things to say.

Previous Fishing Latest reports can still be found online, simply by Copy and Pasting from the following list;










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